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People were patient with pictures in Bellingham

Pual Bainbridge is proud to be "transitioning from a boy to a man."

Stewart Bell is as passionate about sharing rock climbing, as he is about climbing for himself..

Haden Young had just fallen in Whatcom Creek, but was very patient with being photographed..

It was a perfect exercise for breaking me into approaching people.. And overall I was reassured that most people are not fed up and fearful of people just shooting pictures.

I did have a run in at Lake Padden where a guy was determined I was someone hired by a person from Homeland Security who was pursuing him. In his defense I was shooting around carelessly testing my new lens and with the lens hood on it probably looked intimidating. I managed to defuse him.

From then on no one turned me down. When I would ask a group if I could take any of their pictures, some would say they just don’t enjoy having pictures taken of them, but would oblige me if I needed it.

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